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Mission Statement
  • Aide in the rescue of any American Eskimo Dog in need.
  • Find permanent homes for every Eskie in our care. Not to place them with just every person who simply wants an American Eskimo Dog.
  • Provide breed specific and general education to current and potential owners.
  • Provide support to any owner for the entire life span of their Eskie.
  • Protect American Eskimo Dogs from abuse and cruelty.
  • Function as a responsible rescue organization that will provide safe shelter, health care, socialization and a new life with the proper placement into a respectable forever home.

Our Adoptable Eskies

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Breed: American Eskimo Dog

Age: Senior

Sex: M

Size: M

Jammie is an American Eskimo Dog mix, approx. 11.5 years old and 25-27 lbs. Jammie is a very sweet boy with very specific needs, no exceptions! Jammie came to us from a family with a mom, dad, and two children. He had lived with his family for 10 years, happy and content, with someone always at home. He was surrendered to our rescue once his family split up and were moving out of state in two different directions, neither able to take Jammie with them. Jammie was shell-shocked to say the least. Jammie did not make the transition to a new foster home easily since foster mom was working outside her home. We also discovered Mast Cell cancer mass on his throat. Jammie had two surgeries to remove it all with success. Jammie was then adopted to a wonderful retired woman who was home with him all the time, enjoying snuggling on the sofa, practicing simple commands with yummy treats, short walks around the neighborhood or just sitting out on the patio loving the fresh air. Sadly, this past winter Jammie's adoptive mom fell and broke her hip, needed surgery and rehab, ultimately needing to sell her town-home and moving into an extended care facility. The family tried to move Jammie into the care facility with his mom, but realized after a few weeks that having many care givers come and go was causing Jammie too much stress. He started to reject care givers and become protective of his mom. Other family members also tried having Jammie live in their homes, but Jammie's separation anxiety became worse with working humans in his life. Also, Jammie does not take comfort in simply having a doggie companion at home, he needs to have a person home with him at all times. Jammie would love a home with a retired couple, home all the time, humans that can take turns going out to run errands so that someone is still home with Jammie. Jammie also loves to go out, walk, rides in the car wonderfully, just loves to be with his people! A two human home will be best for Jammie, his separation anxiety is serious, and unfortunately, this is not negotiable. A potential adopter should consider Jammie to be a fairly needy dog, he wants constant company! His health is currently very good!! Jammie will do well in a home with or without a fenced yard, town-home, condo, or apartment. Fenced yard is not required. Please no small children living in the home or visiting regularly; Jammie seems to prefer a calmer and somewhat quiet environment now, too much chaos and lots of hands in his face make him uneasy. Jammmie is a very devoted companion once he bonds! If you are interested in adopting Jammie please send an EMAIL to:
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