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Mission Statement
  • Aide in the rescue of any American Eskimo Dog in need.
  • Find permanent homes for every Eskie in our care. Not to place them with just every person who simply wants an American Eskimo Dog.
  • Provide breed specific and general education to current and potential owners.
  • Provide support to any owner for the entire life span of their Eskie.
  • Protect American Eskimo Dogs from abuse and cruelty.
  • Function as a responsible rescue organization that will provide safe shelter, health care, socialization and a new life with the proper placement into a respectable forever home.

Our Adoptable Eskies

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Breed: American Eskimo Dog

Age: Adult

Sex: M

Size: S

Say HELLO to Panda-TOO! Panda is a 5 year old male Eskie/Spitz - Corgi mix and ready for his FOREVER home! Panda likes to play with other dogs, loves toys, and will have fun burning energy running in a securely fenced yard. He loves belly rubs & cuddle time too. Panda still has tons of energy, needs exercise, and is often acting like a puppy! He is smart and knows how to get his way. Panda will sometimes challenge his person, for example, have a stand-off when trying to take something away from him, he may decide to hold on tighter and give a bit of a growl, possibly even snap, as if to say, no way, it's mine. So when Panda thinks he has the upper paw, simply make an exchange with him, offer a trade as in a treat or toy, then the game is over! Panda will truly make a wonderful family pet for kids over 13 years old who are old enough to know when Panda is being defiant and can handle the situation without it progressing. Panda loves to go on walks and car rides. He enjoys strutting his confident self around and meeting new people. Panda would be great fun to take to an obedience class too! Training classes are a great way to bond with your new dog and are definitely strongly recommended. Panda is doing fantastic in his foster home; he sleeps in a playpen at night. He will also use a crate if needed. Panda is almost housebroken, but not quite there yet, plus there will be a new learning curve when moving into a new home, so expect to do some training in this department too. Panda's perfect home is one with dog savvy, confident and active owners, a house with fenced yard, another playful dog of similar size to play with, no small children, and no cats! Panda is being fostered in the greater Chicagoland area, you will need to complete an application and make an appointment to visit with him. If you are interested in meeting Panda, please send an EMAIL to: PLEASE NOTE, WE DO NOT HAVE A FACILITY! OUR RESCUE DOGS GO TO OUR VET, THEN FOSTER CARE HOMES! THANK YOU FOR LOOKING!
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