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Elmhurst, IL 60126

Phone: 312-399-2056

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Mission Statement
  • Aide in the rescue of any American Eskimo Dog in need.
  • Find permanent homes for every Eskie in our care. Not to place them with just every person who simply wants an American Eskimo Dog.
  • Provide breed specific and general education to current and potential owners.
  • Provide support to any owner for the entire life span of their Eskie.
  • Protect American Eskimo Dogs from abuse and cruelty.
  • Function as a responsible rescue organization that will provide safe shelter, health care, socialization and a new life with the proper placement into a respectable forever home.

Our Adoptable Eskies

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Breed: American Eskimo Dog

Age: Baby

Sex: F

Size: S

CHICAGOLAND ESKIE RESCUE has a new little girl! Please welcome “ECHO” from the San Diego Humane Society. She is only 3 months old, 11 pounds & became Rescue only for being adopted & returned twice, with separation anxiety. How adorable is she? Welcome to the Chicagoland family sweetheart. Echo is located in southern CA. If you are interested in adopting Echo, please send an email to:
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