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Mission Statement
  • Aide in the rescue of any American Eskimo Dog in need.
  • Find permanent homes for every Eskie in our care. Not to place them with just every person who simply wants an American Eskimo Dog.
  • Provide breed specific and general education to current and potential owners.
  • Provide support to any owner for the entire life span of their Eskie.
  • Protect American Eskimo Dogs from abuse and cruelty.
  • Function as a responsible rescue organization that will provide safe shelter, health care, socialization and a new life with the proper placement into a respectable forever home.

Our Adoptable Eskies

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Breed: Pomeranian

Age: Young

Sex: M

Size: S

Meet Halo! Halo is a 2 year old male Pomeranian. He has had a tough beginning being moved from home to shelter, and to home to shelter again.... This leads to a dog being hesitant to trust, and who could blame him, right! If Halo is approached too fast by a stranger, someone he just met, or even his person during the bonding and adjustment period, he will snap, and may bite. Once Halo starts to trust, he becomes very affectionate and playful. Halo loves to play fetch with a soft toy or small ball. Without knowing exactly what Halo had gone through in his previous life, we have found some areas of sensitivity for Halo, "triggers" which we are working on so not to have a negative reaction from him. For example, he is sensitive around his head and neck; we have been practicing wearing a collar with an ID tag and being leash, he came to us afraid and uncomfortable to wear a collar & leash....trying to get it off......doing better now with practice. Small dogs generally do better wearing a harness, but in order to reduce his neck reactiveness we are practicing leashing & unleashing his collar, putting on bandanas, scratching him around his neck, etc. Next we will start practicing with a harness and taking walks; 9/15/17 UPDATE: we have started training with harness/leash and taking walks, BUT the harness remains to be a trigger and is difficult to put on and take off, Halo will growl and wants to snap in the process. We are also, practicing picking him up, placing him back down, petting his head and as mentioned before petting and scratching his neck to show him that this is a sign of affection and not to be feared. Halo is also suspicious of people wearing heavy or winter boots, sadly we are showing him that boots will not hurt him. He can also be suspicious of heavy dark glasses and hats or hoods that cover part of one's face. Halo is very anxious in a dog crate, but he does very well in a doggie playpen so to have a safe space of his own. 9/15/17 UPDATE: We have been practicing Halo in and out of a crate so he knows that this is not something to fear, for the just incase he ever has to be transported in a crate to the vet or needs to be kenneled while his future people are out of town. Halo will potty both outside and inside on a potty pad, but he is not 100% housebroken, still working on this. He sleeps soundly through the night and is a good eater. Once Halo becomes familiar and comfortable in an environment and with someone, he has a tendency to try to guard that person he is with, by growling at others who approach, especially when this person is his favorite person. We are working on this guarding behavior and this will need continued work once he is adopted. This behavior can be part of why some Poms are referred to as having a "snarky" attitude! With a lot of time and patience, we are hopeful that Halo will be a wonderful companion for that Pomeranian experienced person who loves to be home as opposed to being out and on the go constantly. Halo is a homebody, remember new situations are scary for him! Requirements: NO children, NO cats, ONLY Pomeranian and rescue dog experienced people should apply. Halo is neutered, up-to-date with vaccines, heartworm negative, on Heartgard Plus and Nexgard, and is microchipped. If you are interested in Halo, PLEASE send an email for an adoption application and questions. Halo is in a foster home in the Chicagoland area. NO facility to drop in and visit! Thank you.
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